Happy Colors sponsors “In de slag van 50” and “Duchenne Heroes"

Duchenne Heroes

Dirk Bakker will be riding the Duchenne Heroes mountain bike race from 18 to 24 September 2016 with the financial support of Happy Colors. The riders will start off in Germany, ride through the Mullerthal region (also known as "little Switzerland"), through Belgium (Malmedy - Spa - Liège) towards a new finish in the city of Eindhoven. Dirk does not just feel the journey in his legs; he feels it in his heart too. The participants and sponsors of Duchenne Heroes give hundreds of children with debilitating Duchenne muscular dystrophy new hope for better medication.

In de slag van 150

Happy Colors also backs “In de slag van 150”, a foundation organising active events in support of charities that promote (local) welfare, preferably welcoming gifts in kind. The foundation organises inline roller skating trips and other sporting events. Peter van de Werken, the inventor of the Rainbow Rose, regularly participates in the inline roller skating trips

From Cologne to Van Keulen

In the early morning of Friday 24 June 2016, “In de slag van 150” will depart from Cologne, Germany all the way to Van Keulen bakery in Gameren, The Netherlands, where they are expected to arrive on Saturday 25 June. The trip From Cologne to Van Keulen is simply the event of 2016. It is currently still unclear exactly how many kilometres the participants will cover, but they will certainly go well beyond the 200 mark…